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I highly recommend this class. My boys loved it! They are reluctant writers, but Amy's class really brought their imaginations to life, and they actually had fun with it!
     - Angela, parent

It was amazing to see how our daughter got so engaged in writing!  She looked forward to every session.  Now, "writing" has become her strength, her passion, and her safe space.

     - Hiroko, parent

Amy's writing workshops have been a wonderfully creative, joyful, and inspiring experience for my daughter. Amy is endlessly patient and encouraging, and she seamlessly incorporates even the silliest ideas into the writing process. With Amy’s support and guidance, my daughter has improved not only her writing skills, but also her confidence in her own voice and imagination.

     - Naomi, parent 

These sessions have been more than meaningful, bringing laughter and creativity to what can feel like a dark time in the world. Story-create time with her friends is the highlight of Aila's week! She and her friends have done 5 sessions so far, and as soon as one ends, they ask when the next one will begin!
     - Mie, parent
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My daughters absolutely enjoy Amy’s class. They are quite shy in general, but broke out of their shell right away with Amy and became confident sharing their ideas in the class. They also love making up their own imaginative characters with classmates, and collaboratively creating stories. It is a great way to supplement their writing skills as well as nurture social-emotional development. They are already looking forward to starting their 3rd session!

     -Kaoru, parent

I love these workshops, too!       
     - a dragon named Waterfall

Me: "How was your first writing workshop with Amy?"

My son: "It was amazing!"  

That is a BIG compliment coming from him. Then he and his sister excitedly told me all about the stories they wrote.  They really had a great time.   

     - Kristina, parent

Shhh!  I'm creeping into Dr. Moondread's science lab. . . 
     - a rogue named Wamawa
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Tomo has really enjoyed Amy's Creative Writing class.  She is great at keeping all the kids involved and contributing, and always has a friendly, positive attitude that the kids really respond to.  We've already signed up for the next class.  

     - Mike, parent

My kids have done multiple sessions of these writing classes.  They have a lot of fun! It's a great opportunity to "see" their friends.  My kids have started writing for fun in their free time. It is good experience with collaborative work and trusting their creative instincts.  Classes are a good balance of fun and focus.  

     - Erin, parent

Amy is joyful, invested, whimsical, and a patient proprietor of the art of make believe.  She is the captain of the ship steering towards an adventure in writing for children who hold on to the magic found in monsters, fairies, robots, and portals to other worlds. My daughter was delighted and encouraged to practice her writing, reading, and drawing.  I enjoyed the recap emails, which I was able to read with my daughter and relive the magic all over again.

     - Megan, parent

Luna has so much fun in the class with Amy. She looks forward to it every week and keeps signing up for it! Amy is amazing at bringing out creativity and encouraging different tools to find your inner voice and express yourself.  I'm so glad we found this class and highly recommend it!

     - Josh, parent

Amy's writing sessions are very creative and fun for the kids. And the environment is very encouraging. Our girls look forward to writing with Amy and friends every week!

     - Haruna, parent

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Pssst! I'm actually the key to an underground tunnel!
     - a skull on a table in a                haunted house
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