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Creative Writing Workshops!

Interactive story-crafting workshops for small groups, grades 3-7

Each one-hour workshop consists of:
  • an oral storytelling game
  • collaborative drawing
  • collaborative brainstorming
  • individual writing time
  • optional sharing time

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Explore slideshow above to see additional Workshop Series available.

Low-stress, fun-oriented workshops focused on the joy of story creation!

Each Series is a set of 6 story-writing workshops by videoconference on Zoom.  Using unique drawing and brainstorming activities, the workshops lead students through playful explorations of various aspects of the craft of story creation.

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Contact Amy about participating in a free demo workshop!

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Writing Coach Amy Grover has a Master’s Degree in Teaching and was a classroom teacher in Portland Public Schools’ Richmond Elementary School for 19 years.  She is currently studying the craft of writing literature for children and has been collaborating with Writing Coaches Shu-Hsien Ho and Royd Hatta of Beyond the Box Learning to develop interactive and engaging online story-writing workshops for youth.  Amy's teaching style is encouraging, patient, and fun! 

After each workshop, students may send Amy what they wrote during the workshop (a photo is fine) and she will respond briefly as a reader of the story, noting a favorite part or something that is working well about the story.  This opportunity is used to reinforce the writer’s strengths, help them think about their writing from the perspective of a reader, or highlight writing strategies discussed during the workshops. Note that this is not a revision-and-editing type class.

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The purpose of these workshops is to empower students to fully explore their imaginations, enjoy the writing process, and discover and build on their strengths as story-crafters. 

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Many students have enjoyed forming “creative writing clubs” by signing up with a friend or group of friends!

More details:

Students per group: 4
Cost: sliding scale $95-$120 per student for a series of 6 workshops
Groups meet:  Once a week (for one hour) for 6 weeks, on Zoom
Day/time: TBD based on the scheduling needs of each group of 4.  
Sessions begin several times a year.  Contact Amy for dates of the next session.

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